Jenny Nordberg is a New York-based foreign correspondent and a columnist for Swedish national newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. She is also the founder and editor of

In 2010, she broke the story of “bacha posh” — how girls grow up disguised as boys in gender-segregated Afghanistan. The Page One story was published in The New York Times and The International Herald Tribune, and Nordberg’s original research in the piece was used for follow-up stories around the world, as well as opinion pieces and fictional tales.

Today, THE UNDERGROUND GIRLS OF KABUL is the only original non-fiction work on the practice of bacha posh, going deep into issues of gender and culture in Afghanistan. Jenny Nordberg is to date the only researcher in the world who has explored the practice of bacha posh in a systematic and comprehensive manner. Read more >

Jenny Nordberg editor of

Founded and edited by Jenny Nordberg, is the only online resource for original and continuing research on bacha posh from all around the world — and a forum for anyone who has ever tried to be one of the boys.


Jenny Nordberg book The Underground Girls of Kabul

The Underground Girls of Kabul

Published Sept. 2014, investigative reporter Jenny Nordberg uncovers a secret in Afghanistan that asks what it means to be female and to be free. It’s a defiant piece of women’s history that no one has gone looking for. Until now.